Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Uncertainty of Life

Recently, China was devastated by a sudden earthquake. The province of Sichuan was greatly affected as it was where the epicenter of the earthquake. The number of deaths is more than 20,000 and still increasing. It is so sad to imagine loosing a special people in our lives. Surely at the moment, the affected are grieving and asking the questions in different forms of why? This sad event could happen to any place at any country in the world. We do not know when and how. That is why every moment we have for our beloved family and friends should be cherished, because it might be the last moment we could hug them and see them smiling.

The strongest earthquake I experience in my entire life is when I was in the third grade. I hid myself under my teacher’s table just to protect myself from any falling objects, while my teacher is shouting not to leave the building. Eventually I realized that my teacher’s strategy was wrong. Since we were at the first floor, we were supposed to run in an open space so we can be safer in case the whole building will collapse. Maybe if that building did collapse, I may not be here today. There is always a reason why some special people died in an instant and others still lives. For those who were saved, our journey in life still continuous and we may not even so sure when will be our last moment. Make everyday a special day, as it may be the last day, maybe this our last day to hear our parents voices, or hear our brothers and sisters laughter. We may not see the dusk and the dawn again, but we surely accept that life is temporary and just a privilege.

I had two friends in Chengdu the capital city of Sichuan province, I had been contacting them through MSN, but still I’m not so sure if they were safe. Maybe the internet is down at the moment due to a severe damage. I wanted to contact them through their phone but it may block the communication in case they were trap somewhere.

Sometimes I also realize that having an account here in the cyberworld would bring an everlasting memory so long as the internet stands, that what we are posting and writing makes it immortal. That we may even finished our journey on earth, we will still remain in the memory of our friends. What we wrote here are our treasures, the people whom we shared some simple events in our life would keep the story of who we are.