Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Rainy June of 2009

At around 4:00 pm in the afternoon today I ended my work receiving to an irate customer with foul mouth full of usual profanities. Disputing of is his service despite explanation that he hadn't paid yet. He hang up on me and in split seconds another call pop up and another customer complaining and shouting that her sidekick is not getting a signal. So difficult to adjust your emotion from one call to another.

I went out the building, the clouds are getting thicker and about to pour any moment. As soon as I alarmed my car to open, rain started to fall. I run to my car, switched it on and waited for few minutes before maneuvering out the parking area. I turned on the radio to listen at FM music, lightnings and thunders reign the dark sky. Cars fog lights turned on. The whole city of Iloilo got the strongest shower after summer this year though no forecast of storm.

Like a rain, humans tends to pour their emotions spontaneously without warning. You can just be struck by a lightning and shaken by a thunder. I pulled over and let the heavy rain subside. If I could have continued driving despite the condition I might get a higher chance of getting an accident. If a person is so mad and would never stop yelling, never answer back or explain rather stay calm and be quiet. He'll get his silence after he pours all out his emotions.