Wednesday, May 4, 2011

About Android Phones

After working as tech support agent in America's leading mobile network I planned not to unlearn few simple ideas, so now it's motivating me to write. Identification of mobile phones can sometimes be confusing so let me define one info which most people I talked over the phone get confused with.

Android phones. These are powered by google. These phones won't work without a data plan, which means before you purchase this phone you are expected to have subscription in an internet connection solely for this phone. Wireless Fidelity won't activate this either. When you first turn the phone on, it will ask you to register your google account. If you don't have, it will walk you through the process in creating one. It is very important that you remember the password and the email , surely not far from the future you might experience freezing episodes and you will left no choice but to "master reset". Some people claimed that WiFi activates their Android it's true there are some that has glitches, few androids from Motorola can be activated in WiFi, so might as well check if you can. However once you're out of the WiFi zone say goodbye to your connection. Android always work with internet. It is like a mitochondria of the cell which is the powerhouse, or like a brain and without it is a coma.

Master resetting android phones is a bit complicated, you will loose all your text messages, contacts, calendar, and applications except the pre-installed ones. Your pictures are automatically saved on the memory card so you don't have to worry but best if you back them up on your computer. Information stored on the sim card and the memory card are all spared by the process. One way to have all the contacts and calendar back is to sign in your e-mail, the same exact email.

One more thing, all applications in the Android Market are not created by your mobile network company, so don't blame them if the application sucks. They are all created by private individual, shared or bargain and most are free. If in case they won't work try to check if you are on the latest software version or compatible for your phone type.

Over the air updating of software version are up to the manufacturer, you will just waste your time shouting over the customer care or tech support of your mobile network. Customer care will just tell you if you paid your bill, tech support will check your signal coverage, fixing your signal pick up, refreshing your connection and troubleshoot if you have power issues or problems with phone features. They do not develop a software version which means they cannot send you one or initiate an update. Call Samsung if you are using Samsung, if you are resourceful, get a desktop or a laptop, Google it.