Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tech Notes 101: Portable Mobile Hot Spot

This is good for your tablet, notebook, gaming console, mobile phone, and all your WiFi recipient gadgets all at the same time. Wherever you go, you got the pocket size WiFi server. I knew this one from T-Mobile in the U.S.and I just discovered we have it here in the Philippines since last year from Globe and Smart (two of Philippines leading mobile network). After Globe Network launches the prepaid version, Smart Communications offered it in prepaid as well. So prepaid maniacs this is for us!

In the United States the unit (Mobile Hot Spot) will cost you $125 -$200 plus your monthly bill around $50 or also available in pay as you go (prepaid). This is a 4G speed so it exceeds your expectation on wireless connections. Of course with limitation to your area coverage. So before you buy, visit your network's website either from T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Virgin etc. best is to read reviews about it. Most of the time you read all the complaints of connection issues. Remember 95% it has nothing to do with the network provider it will always matter on your location or coverage. Talk to customer care or tech support for diagnosis. Try to include the areas where you used to go such us your work place, your camp haven, or any vacation spots.

In the Philippines the unit cost the average of P3,950. Once you have it either you go for a contract or with plan or prepaid. For Globe you can have unlimited for plan P999/month with lock in period of 2 years but for Prepaid users you can avail 5 days unlimited for 220 Pesos or 50 pesos for 1 day. To register for Globe prepaid, get the sim card out put it on your mobile, type SUPERSURF220 then send to 8888 (this is for 5 day unli) or SUPERSURF50 to 8888 (for 1-day), wait for the confirmation then put it back... booom... there you go easy to set up. This is really awesome for people doing a vacation or a day-off away from home and it's time you don't have to rely on your mobile internet. You can get the pocket size WiFi server and get all your gadgets connected all at the same time. Either in the U.S. or the Philippines they claim 5 devices maximum for connections.

Before, I was planning to buy a Samsung tab, I got confused because it has 2 versions. The cheaper one that only cost ten thousand pesos (WiFi only) and the other with sim slot that cost thirty thousand pesos. Now my best advice, buy the cheapest one and get this pocket WiFi server from any network Globe/Smart. So you'll be spending a total P10,000 for the tab and P4,000 for the pocket size WiFi then you can save more than 50%, PLUS you can let your friends and classmates access your WiFi and charge them Twenty Pesos per hour ~~JK ^_^ See that!!! you are doing business at the same time. Hahaha No wonder I can see a lot of WiFi Bus in Manila, Soy demasiado inocente!

See you again tech readers! I miss my tech job so much!