Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How Blind is Love to Make Us Stupid ?

This morning as I entered the English Academy where I am working, with headphones on at highest volume, listening to a Spanish crash course, one of my colleague asked me, "Do you know how to speak Chinese?" I answered, "Well just the basic one". I then discovered a young Chinese lady at the couch looking for her lost boyfriend (yeah, this is real! sounded like a TV drama eh). She lost in contact with her Korean boyfriend who had been studying English here in the Philippines. His boyfriend was our student in this academy a month ago, but after that he went out to find an independent tutor. Actually I saw her boyfriend few days past at one of the bar here in the city. We had a few chat and he is doing well and enjoying being a freelance learner, so I told her about that. She waited for the manager (a Korean) of our academy and ask for help where she can find her boyfriend. She lost in contact with him for almost three weeks and there was this speculations I heard that they already broke up, the reason why the guy probably changed his phone number. So what the hell is she doing here? Spending money to fly from China to the Philippines just to find her lost boyfriend? Yet in fact uncertain if her guy still loves her. Is love blind or just so stupid to be blinded? Today she went to the place where she can possibly find him, showing a picture of her boyfriend to anyone if they know him. Well, good luck to her!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Separation Anxiety

Every time my students said goodbye I also wanted to say goodbye to the academy where I am working. (Sigh... I am again dramtic, sorry! hehe) At first I tried to be heartless and cold because I know they come and go. At times when I sat in my cubicle the voices, footsteps, and laughter of my former students phantoms me. I know this is called separation anxiety, in effect every time I have a new student I tried to create a barrier and tried to be unfriendly. Now, maybe this is a realization that some teachers are cranky and distant. It is so sad because these students of mine are not just students but they are good friends. We went out for Friday nights and a lot of funny experiences. I never expected that I can jive to the Korean culture, a lot of them in the Philippines nowadays mushrooming every cities, but they were labeled as a close culture, which means they rarely blend to the mainstream culture. The notion is totally a hoax, once you get in touch with them they'll drag you to be like them, I actually more inclined to the Spanish and Chinese culture because I am studying these languages and not Korean, but all of a sudden I started eating "Kim Chi" (one of the Korean famous side dish), and started greeting "Anyong Haseo!" Positive effect called stockroom syndrome, the more you are exposed to it you'll becoming like them.

Now, I want to resign because of the separation anxiety, I want to leave first than seeing them leaving. hahaha funny! Of course I have other personal reasons of resigning. clue? just a career flow, I want to earn more.