Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My 2nd Anniversary as a United States Professional

Two years ago I went to Hong Kong to take the National Council Licensure Examination. Lying down my bed this morning mesmerizing the moment I walk around the Chinese soil full of hope to pass the State Board Examination of the United States of America. It seems only yesterday that I tried to lost myself in Queensroad completing my dinner with a hot pot.

Hong Kong is far advanced than Manila, as it is being called an international city. The young people speaks English well and with Chinese accent. The older people barely understand and speaks English. I am totally impressed of its modernity unparalleled to Manila or any Philippine cities. Call me a caveman but the thing that excites me is the scanning system for transportation. The Hong Kongers just placed their cards on the scanning machine when they ride the bus and the subway. Some would place the card on the bottom of their bags and just try to put the whole bag over the scanning machine, or inside the wallet and putting the whole wallet on top of the scanner. I sound so naive and funny writing this things. One thing I hope from this and that is a hope for a modern Philippines. We only have a swipe system for our metro, and we only have few lines. I heard that the Philippine government is planning to add and extend more metro lines. I wish the budget will really be on the project and not on the politicians' pockets.

I feel sad, really sad, when my dad opened my room this morning asking me to drive him to the city to get his plane ticket because he is going back to United States for his work. When will I get my own plane ticket for the U.S. and start working as a professional? I renewed my American license already but I am still here in the exotic islands of the Philippines. When will I start staring at the skyscrapers? I hope next year I will write on my blog my third anniversary wearing thick clothes preparing for the upcoming winter in New York City.

Sigh! I am so disappointed but hopeful.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!Heyner
May your wishes all come true in the coming 2009!

heyner said...

Thank you very much!
Happy new year to you as well!

Anonymous said...

im sorry henry if i didnt recognize you right away. how are now? hope you still remember me. remember julius? he got a lot of hell during the typhoon.

happy new year to you and i pray youll get to new york soon. i hope you wouldnt mind linking your blog in my post. ill tell julius about you. best regards!