Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Dawn and Challenge

Today, there were people in my work place who were ask to leave the company not of economic recession but because of the standard the company is imposing. The standard is just and rightful prerogative of the company to achieved its goal and sustain growth and competence. It is so sad to admit that these people are nice and been like a good friends for quite some time.

I felt bad and hurt of had happened to them. Instead I should celebrate for passing the company's tests and examinations I feel more disappointed. I really felt sorry, that some of them are bread winners and had sacrifice a lot for the dreaded schedule and yet after few days they will be ask to leave.

Life is mean and bossy. We need to overcome its challenge to float over the sucking current. I mean we should keep pace to what life demands. If it's asking us to jump, jump! Discover your potential and get serious. Life isn't a joke after all.

For my good friends who lost their job today, never felt apathy and self pity. No one is dumber than the one who survives because of memorization. Intellectuals are always the victim of a formatted megabyte brain modern society. Intellectuals who can articulate and talk about life impromptu never given a chance of recognition but solely for those who can only live and gain success by low level intelligence.

The dawn of robotic memory has just begun. I'll never convert my brain into such fad. I'll survive by my initiative.


totomel said...

good post hend!

it's really sad that employment right now are sometimes based on the outcome of written exams which i discredit to be credible enough as sad hend... =(

xena said...

two thumbs up for this post!