Friday, June 17, 2011

Another random thoughts

I missed the total lunar eclipse last night.
Could have make a soulful efficacious content from a heavenly showdown.
It seldom happens, rarely positioned perfectly.
As when I was younger I always utter my disappointments;
not on the shimmering stars but in the curious moon,
To give all desires of this very bashful eyes.

Yesterday; dusk open the show,
making me naive astonishing conveyance as I stare on its glow.
Unaware, innocent, impeccable of the time and event.
Now, stuck on this night sky pouring tears bringing darkness in short hours.
No lights and power, provoking my a senescence senseless thought.
Damn! and we got the power back too soon,
making this didactic poetic thoughts a space.
Rain still pouring vehemently, I can't sleep so I write then talk my pace.

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