Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My First Kick Off Statement, my first Blog

First of all I would like to welcome myself for my newly created blogspot. There has been alot of network site that people been flocking. Name one I might have it. For everyone, bienvenido a mi pagina!, Im not sure if my spanish is correct, Mi EspaƱol es muy malo, lo siento por pavor.

Ok guys, people of the world, this would be me, Thank you for the chance that you gave me, having all of you as my friends, be it MYSPACE.COM, FRIENDSTER.COM, YOUTUBE.COM and all. To my friends all over the world, Language and Distance is not a barrier to build the International Friendship. As a Filipino person and as a citizen of the world I have reached different individuals of various background, and becoming an unheard ambassador of my country the Philippines.

Welcome people, and Mabuhay! Hehehe

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