Tuesday, September 25, 2007

When I Visit Hong Kong (PART ONE)

Last year November 2006 I went to Hong Kong to take the National Council Licensure Examination. I wasn't able to write my experience that moment so now that I have created this blog site, I then decided to make a few recollections.

I took the Philippine Airline Flight from Manila to Hong Kong. Boarding time is 14:00, unfortunately due to some circumstances the flight was delayed. The runway was closed due to some dignitaries from abroad who will be using the runway. It was the President of Vietnam who arrived for the APEC summit that the Philippines will be hosting. So we stayed almost three hours inside the plane. While waiting, they let us watch the Mr. Bean show, which makes all passenger blew into laughter. Well nice strategy PAL! When we took off at 17:00 I was so excited to leave the country for the first time and try to figure out the landscape in comparison to the maps I had been studying before I travel.

We arrived at Hong Kong at 19:00 it was dark already. I am very disappointed because I wasn't able to see clearly Hong Kong from above, rather just the illuminating lights from the buildings and the runway. When we deplane, on my way out I meet several kababayan (countrymen) an OFW (Oversaes Filipino Workers) who will be working in Hong Kong. We talked a lot while we were walking a long hallway heading towards the immigration to present our passport. They share a bit of there life, and how they will miss their families back home. After 15 minutes of walking we fall in line at the immigration counter. As I approach the window presenting my passport, the officer ask me "How long will you be staying here in Hong Kong?" I said "Four Days" He stamp my passport: "VISITOR is permitted to remain for fourteen days from date of entry". Then I was thinking; Ohhh I was happy to stay for fourteen days but I don't have such luxury to stay more hehe. As with the two OFW I have known, We eventually bid goodbye to each other. They ask me if I can manage alone. They were good people, and I am proud of them as my countrymen. I had to meet my travel agent at the exit. On my way out, there were so many maps of Hong Kong for free, well... what do you think I did? I took ten maps for the reason of sharing it to my classmates and friends when they will be taking their examination so they could also familiarize the streets.

I was beginning to feel lost. My travel agent was not on the site for almost fifteen minutes. I moved around and talk to the airport police about it, maybe some people at the airport understands English but they just replied with a sign language, anyway they are approachable and nice. Finally, I saw the agent and he brought me to the waiting area for my transportation, a bus that will bring me to the hotel where I will be staying for four days. On the way I meet some friends Fiona and Matt, they were Australian (Caucasian descent) who will be having their vacation. They were nice and easy to get along with. They even invited me to join their dinner when we arrived at the hotel. We were at the same floor.

I have one day to prepare for my examination.....

To be continued.............

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