Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wrong Intelligence

There are people who easily stereotype things, places, and even people. What's wrong with stereotyping? If you stereotype, you usually judge or label anything without an actual and thorough research. Instead of arriving into a correct conclusion. Our decision has been affected by the misleading information, which eventually makes us a poor decision maker. It is so easy to stereotype, usually these people remain in a nutshell of ignorance. Ignorance that sometimes can harm others, their own self, or could also an affirmation how stupid they are.

If I may experience it within my sphere, I might silently react. It's not my fault that he or she is so ignorant, rather it will always reflect the kind person he/she is. I never bother catching their attention. Sooner or later, they may wonder how they arrive into a fallacious result because of their illogical and blind premises. Life experiences will always had their own way to reprimand them.

Thus, if I were to recommend, I would categorize it as an extreme recommendation, that we should be cautious of how, what, where, and when to decide. We might not know, that the answers to our questions, are just on the dark corner we just failed to analyze.

I was once a perpetrator, believe me, I regret much because it's a wrong intelligence.

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