Monday, February 18, 2008

My Universal Valentine

Another hearts day had passed, another month of love, another year that cupid was missing. Valentines Day is the most exciting day for the lovers. The most cherished one by the growing lovers. Yet it’s another blank celebration for me, just one of the ordinary day. Maybe it’s a wonderful feeling if you had a special person in your heart when this moment is celebrated. Maybe it is something that excite you both.

Every year, the world’s population is increasing, could be said that the number of lovers does increase. But sadly there had been tension between nations , clashing each other from the teachings they were brought up. Personally, I believe religion is good, but somehow too much fanaticism with it can also cause misunderstanding, conflict, and to the most extent, war. If each religion teaches love, why do we have to hate? Do we have to hate first before we realize the love? Or let the love be first and forget about the hate?

Love has no boundaries, you are free to express it. Love is blind, because you can love with anyone spontaneously. Love conquers all, because you will do anything out of love. Love is special because it bears good things. Love is good because it does not hate.

In any form of love inspires us all, to grow and appreciate the beauty of life. No matter how I say, I am loveless because I don’t have my special one today, it is still the universal love that I can celebrate.

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