Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Lonely Thoughts

"My Lonely Thoughts"

I was thinking of some dirty girls sometimes,
Co'z I get very lonely some nights,
but I guess I need to find what is due to me,
that could be my girl for the rest of my life.

A girl that can love and treasure me.
Who shares ups and down whatever it may be.
For my life would be missing without her.
On my lap and my side, I feel the heaven on her.

Her body and my body be one.
The spirit joins into one.
A night of endless love may take.
Forever joy by the noisy lovers won't break

A dream I always wanted in my life.
but until when I be immortal of a caged dream.
Maybe only if I wakes up, and moves my feet.
To steal some hearts of some Venus beneath.

1 comment:

Curious_tan said...

wow... what an ultimate desire! Good luck to find your lucky charm! I already stopped dreaming for someone to be loved!