Monday, October 29, 2007


Tonight I watched a Thai Horror movie titled "Six", it was dubbed into Filipino.
It was really scary and the story was very good. This is about the seven teenagers (six boys and a girl) who went to Penan a place outside Bangkok to challenged some of their friends who doesn't believe in ghost. The story was very twisting. I dont like how the story ends. All six died and the girl "Fai" was left lucky. Fai was actually connected with number six, and her bad luck number. They did not die from the scary ghost at the mansion, but it was on their way to that desolate place, in which in the middle of the story they almost died in accident, and yeah actually they did die from that part... Huh funny! it was all twist and turns.

All the members had a different personality, One of them "Ong" is an astrologist who actually predicted their death through a tarrot card. He was able to read the stars and master the attitude of people through their zodiac signs, well amazing! I wish I had a friend like him haha.

My favorite part of the movie, was when six of them are scattered on different corners of the mansion, they mount a camera to monitor each, and one person "Pat" was stationed to watch them all, each had a head set for communication. The six people were sited inside a circle, on different locations, and should make a simultaneous chant, to call for the ghost. When the ghost starts to appear and scare them , the monitoring cameras begun to shut off, Pat didn't know what to do, he went to each places looking for his friends but they all gone. He heard their voices from a room, Inside the room were six coffins and all of his friends screaming inside each coffin calling for help, then he opened each one, all of them didn't know how they got there. Scary?

The special effects was good, similar to the Filipino horror movies, but not too corny and shallow like some of ours, hehe. This is a horror movie worth watching.

I would like to watch it again, Maybe I could find a DVD copy tomorrow, and hopefully there would be an English subtitle, or perhaps a Tagalog dubbed.

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Curious_tan said...

It seems interesting! I love horror movies! I watched Saw 4 last Tuesday and it was gruesome... I have the collections of Hostel and Saw films. Highly recommended!