Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas, Cold from Warm.

I was sitting in a cafe shop for a moment, slurping my mochachino, enjoying my new laptop, and staring at the busy people carrying gift for, and maybe from their love ones. It's Chistmas day! This is the day when most people give value to their love ones, appreciate their existence, and acknowledge love.

How many people around the world wants to celebrate Christmas but can't afford to have it. Here in the Philippines, you can see the grandiose celebration by the rich family decorating their houses full of Christmas lights, and the excitement yet lonely eyes of poor children staring at them. Sad to think that Christmas had become a commodity, that the truest meaning was overshadowed by money for love, and that love now had a price.

Christmas is not for rich nor for poor, and Christmas isn't for the food on our table, the shimmering lights, and the huge gifts. Christmas is a reminder for LOVE. For us Christians, basically it is the time when Jesus, son of God went to earth because of His love for us, that eventually had Himself sacrificed to redeem our sins through crucifixion. But whether you're a Christian or not, this holiday season does not limit you to Celebrate. If Christmas is for love, then this day is your call of a reminder to show your love, give them a hug and show something to appreciate them, hugging isn't expensive at all.

Love is a universal language, give love and you will receive love. That love makes our hearts warm, away from the cold definition of a modern Christmas.

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Curious_tan said...

As humans, but Im taking this an excuse, we sometimes forgot the essence of Xmas and how this season is very important for us to reflect the goodness of the Lord.