Friday, November 23, 2007


Ever since, I never believe in luck but I tried to appreciate it and try to use it, because maybe my friends wants to hear it. I believe that everything had a reason, and usually I equate phenomenas to the different laws I am familiar with; be it religion, philosophy, and even science. Take for example the most popular Law of Reciprocities, in the Bible it is stated this way: "Do good to others, if you want others to do good to you", In Confucius way, it is stated: "Do not do unto others, what you don't want others to do unto you." two different authors but same meaning. In science they have it this way: "In every action there is an equal reaction" the Law of Inertia.

Yesterday I woke up at around 5:00 am in the morning, the wind was so cold my window is wide open, I tried to sleep again for another hour, but I felt my urinary bladder is so full that I need to empty or else I might get some kidney stones. So I went up and go straight to the bathroom, it's still dark maybe the sun will rise in thirty minutes. Since I already went out of bed I prepared my breakfast, took a bath, fix myself for work and will be going by 7:00 am.

I hesitated to use the car, although it is unleaded, environmental friendly, but not too friendly for my pocket, too bad this is Philippines, the gas is sky high, wish I'm in America maybe its way practical to use the car all the time, Well I guess I need to save my money for the upcoming Christmas, or else if I spend much I cannot buy some gifts for my family, "It's better to give than to receive" like they usually said. Anyway, I took a bus going to work, I prefer riding a bus than the usual Jeepney, bus is more faster and comfy. I save at least 80% of my daily budget without my car. So what's the use of having that car? Well it's a void mentality.

It usually took one hour to travel from my home to my workplace. I want to take a few nap on the bus, but my brain is wide awake due to some percentage of caffeine I took this morning. I was sitting at the aisle across my seat on my left, was a lady on her 20's her thumb is moving so fast, utilizing the most powerful tool of the millennia: "text messaging", on the other hand I tried to open my phone, well as always "no one cares". No new text messages to greet my caffeinated morning. hehe, So I decided to open some old messages and tried to read some again.

Few days ago, I received some text messages from my former classmates, asking if they could barrow my review materials for their upcoming American licensure examination. In things like that, I never think twice, I always shared what I had, because I have noticed the more I share, more good things are coming back. I remember the movie "Pay It Forward" It's good to help without a return. When I hand over the reviews materials to my friends, they tried to pay me or gave me something in exchange, but I always told them, "I want you to help others also, don't pay me back." The movie "Pay It Forward" really touches my heart, I thought I was going to cry after watching it, but I can't produce tears, maybe my heart had all the tears for my eyes.

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