Sunday, November 4, 2007

Ambivalent Feelings

Call Centers had been the latest fad nowadays. For me it's just a fancy job, In a way it can also help me financially. One time, last Month I hop in, inside a Call Center to apply. That day it wasn't in my plan to search for any part time jobs, I just went to the mall and buy some things, since I passed by a call center office on my way home, I tried to read a banner "The World is Still Hiring" I begun to contemplate for a few seconds. Then I told myself, Hmm well why not give a try, let see how the world really hires hehe! I went inside the office and a lady on her early thirties approach me, (asked me on a perfect American Accent) "Good afternoon Sir, How may I help you?" Then I replied in a little nervous tone (in my mind, ok ok I have to speak the accent the way she does) "Ohh I saw the banner outside, and I was thinking I could join your team." She smiled back saying, "Ok Sir please fill up the information on our computer." I filled all the details on a resume format on their computer system. After I'm done, she reviewed my resume and told me to come back the next day for the interview.

Next Day on the interview, She ask some details about things I placed on my resume, ask me to read loudly a short story, ask me about my weaknesses and so many things the usual interview is done, in the end she told me to wait for the result through email.

Two days after, I received the result: "WE WELCOME YOU TO OUR TEAM!" Oh my God the moment I read it, I don't know if I really have to work in their company, besides I was thinking its a graveyard shift! Which means I will be awake the whole night and be sleeping the whole day. I tried to ask my mom for her opinion, and she really discouraged me to work at the call centers for several reasons, but my mom's opinion had nothing to do with my final decision, Mom also told me to follow what I think is ok for me. The company sent me a Text Message (SMS) to report for the final interview and instructions they will be giving. I had one day to think deeply! Should I work with them or what?

Ok, I blew it! I did not went to the final meeting. I also feel disappointed for what I did, for sure that company would hate me more, because I wasted their time. Oh my God, I feel really stupid.

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Curious_tan said...

What happened? You should tell them that you are not interested anymore...Any hope you will not do it again. Frankly, not a good practice to abandon final interviews or appointments. Good luck!