Monday, November 5, 2007

Blood Is Thicker Than Water

This afternoon I received a most childish statement blurt out by someone I would never want to argue with the rest of my life, for they are so special to me.

Last November 1, 2007, we went approximately 98 KM northeast of Iloilo City, to light a candle for my grandmother on my paternal side, in celebration for "All Saints Day". When we arrived at the cemetery, Our relatives had welcomed us, maybe thankful enough for our presence, since we came too far. One of my Aunt suddenly ask me, "How fast can you drive? Can you drive as fast as your cousin?" (her daughter, same age as I am), then I replied, "Well I believe she drives fast." actually I don't even know how she really drives, but on situation such as that, maybe it is much better to be humble, and that's the way I am proud of my self, being modest all the time.

Few days later, I received a news from some of my cousins, they said, she (my fast driver cousin) was texting everybody in the family, that on our way home, back to the City she was able to reach me, somewhere in Zarraga (two towns away from the City we were heading). Bragging, that I even depart 30 minutes ahead from her. So what is her point? I'm not pretty sure, what this is all about. If this is an insult, it's not so venomous to rock my affect. I just laugh about it, what a pity! I can't imagine I got this stupid remarks from my cousin, I don't know how to react exactly, should I be mad? Maybe this was just due to the testosterone I had on my body. Being a man, I think it is an insult if you will be called lame on anything that you do, right? Men are suppose to be stronger than women.

Ok, let me have my Logic: I left at around 4:00 pm, maybe she left 4:30 pm, I arrived at the City 6:00 pm, if you take a bus, you would spend three hours of traveling. I was driving from 70 - 100 kilometers per hour, with some considerations on few poor road quality, and I never ever remember of any vehicle who outruns me. Actually it was me who enjoy overrunning that moment. Not that she hits my ego, but it was her dishonesty that really pissed me off. What a shame! In the first place I never thought that she could get credits from her delusions.

No matter what, she's still my cousin, I should love her and not suppose to hate her. I can give up my ego and all, but not to the point that she should be lying to everybody. I can easily forgive and forget, I don't want to hate, I don't need a sorry either. Like they said; "Blood is Thicker than Water."

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