Saturday, November 17, 2007

Starry Night

Im back writing again, well there is only one reason, Im bored haha.
I was waiting for some MSN friends to be online and have a few chat with, but no one is online, well it looks strange to me. Maybe everybody is celebrating the Saturday night, but here I am, a "CYBORG" again, I call it "cyborg" for a person hanging on the cyberspace or the internet. Well for some time in few days when I get busy working, I will missed this cyborg life.

Tonight I went outside the house looking at the sky, wow full of stars, trying to figure out the constellation, heck! as if I was so expert to analyze them. For me, my life, our life, is like a star, different sizes, different figures, some glitters, others are fading, you would see others tonight, others the next night, and some you would see now but you won't see again forever. Some stars forms in different figures, seems trying to emit a message. Its a mixed emotion looking at the starry night. I feel sad, excited, relaxed, and curious. If I were there in the sky and be one of them, maybe I was the fading one from a far, unnoticeable, barely detectable, in short I am a boring star.

Although this is Philippines but it's getting cold, ok time for me to get inside and get some decaf. It's 11:00 at night, and I just woke up, I dont feel going back to bed at the moment, so maybe I have to read some books or watch T.V.

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