Friday, November 9, 2007

God Still Listens

When I wake up this morning, I heard the first Christmas song for this year. A time when God came to earth, to sacrifice for our sins. But everyday people commit sins, will God be coming again to redeem us? I know I am a sinner, who doesn't? I believe everyone. Anyone who is not, can cast a stone on me! just like a passage in the Bible. We are not perfect, and from that imperfections, we all have our way to overcome it. I pray and ask for forgiveness. I don't do any number of memorized prayers, or sacrifices because I don't join in any religion, I am a born Catholic but I came to realize some mistakes having a religion. For me, religions are just organization with a leader that demands it followers what to do, or else these unfaithful devotee will suffer from the ocean of fire called hell, or something that creates fear in you.

I remember when I was in fourth grade, My teacher scolded me for I accidentally break a cheap red jar made of clay. She pinch my stomach, and I still remember how painful it was. After the class I was silently crying fixing my things, preparing to go home. It was a first Friday of the month, so the Church is open for the first friday mass. My teacher had shouted at me, "You should attend the mass and ask God for forgiveness." I was wondering, Why should I ask God for forgiveness? I accidentally break the Jar, I admit that I break it I didn't lie, I can't see any point that I should ask for forgiveness. Having so young mind, I was gullible enough to follow her, she is my teacher, and also I'm afraid that God would hate me.

My point is, religion sometimes is a tool that some people in authority can make use to fear others. Can be use among weak followers. Take a look how religion had influence our history. In the first EDSA revolution in the 1980's, well I was still a toddler that period but as I read it, look how the Cardinal had done to scare the dictator, Ferdinand Marcos, those Nuns flocking the street of EDSA with flowers and rosary, of course Marcos is a Catholic, with too much pressure from them at some point he had to follow these people for they claim they were the messenger from heaven. Also, I realize, the big influence of religion during the Spanish occupation in the Philippines. The works of our national hero Jose P. Rizal is enough to believe these religion's ruthless power, read the Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. Who is Damaso, and what did he do?

For me, I don't want to be called a Roman Catholic or any religion at all. I am assured of myself that I am a Christian. I believe Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I trust God with all my heart, and I know, God listens to my prayer even I don't have religion.

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