Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Noisy Whisper

At some boring moment hanging on this MYSPACE I got elated to write these words whom I know few would open and read or even none at all. Since I realized that maybe I was the only one reading my blogs then probably I would enjoy it much for I can write some private thoughts that no one could possibly noticed. In such case I would love reading back these words in the future, and analize how stupid I was.

Speaking about my future, well I think I got a few hesitations to predict. How I wish, I could peek some parts of it, so that I can anticipate what to do in the present. Like Forest Gump had to say; "Life is a box of chocolate, you'll never know what you'll gonna get." We all hope to pick the good ones, but it will always on our hands how to pick them. Sometimes we experience the downfall, which gives us a reason to despair and blame, and now came some friends to comfort us and made us realized all the reasons to move on. Good thing we had our friends, they are like a battery charger, they add up energy on us. At some point they are our inspirations because we also learn from each others mistakes, and charged each others battery. This is the mystery on friendship, sometimes it is always easy for us to give advices, but when we ourselves had a problem, it is difficult for us to solve, thus still needs our friends advices. Thank God for creating this word "Friendship".

It's difficult to sail the ocean alone, more to that friendship, will be one special friend that would stay my side from sunrise to the sunset of my life. Whom I could promise in front of God's face that even death can't set apart. That would also give a new generation from our blood. If I would rely on destiny, I'm afraid I can't find one. Sometimes, with weird and funny desparation, I would think, maybe my special girl would stare at the moon some nights, on moments I would also stare at it, but where in the world would be her?

Ok I think I'm done whining to kill my boring moments tonight. I have to sleep now for tomorrow is the new boring day of my life. Goodnight!

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